Is RMI licensed, bonded and insured?


How much will it cost to have my attic upgraded to Department of Energy recommendations?

Cost can depend on a lot of factors: size of heated attic space, existing insulation levels, insulation type, applicable rebates and credits, etc. We offer a free attic evaluation that can help you understand the rebate process, what you qualify for and what your home needs to be energy efficient.

What type of Insulation do you use?

InsulSafe SP Premium Blowing Fiberglass.

Is the product safe?

Absolutely yes! We use a premium product that will last the life of your home. It will not decay, corrode or settle. It is certified for superior indoor air quality and regularly tested by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute for air quality and low emissions of potential indoor air pollutants.

How long does an inspection/evaluation take?

We can inspect your attic and discuss your rebate qualifications and insulation needs in under 30 minutes.

How long will it take to upgrade my insulation?

This also will depend on the size of your home, but on average an attic upgrade takes just under an hour. Our expert technicians will take sufficient time to make sure your home is insulated properly – we stand by our work.

My home isn’t that old - my insulation should be fine, right?

MAYBE NOT – In recent years we’ve learned more about energy efficiency; bringing us new insight on the importance of HIGH R-VALUES. Did you know that the recommend level of R-Value for most of the Utah Climate zone is an R-49? While the minimum code requirements ask for only an R38? In addition to insufficient R-Values installed – low quality “price effective” products and poor installation technique WILL cause insulation to settle as much as 30% in the first few years you own your home, causing your heat bill to rise respectively! That’s why we guarantee our workmanship giving you the reassurance that we will do the job right the first time in an area of your home that is not frequently visited.

Is it safe to be in my home while work is performed?

Yes. The process is fairly non-evasive and very safe. Our trained technicians take every precaution to insure that your job is done correctly and safely. The insulation is not particle based so insulation blown in the attic stays in the attic.

What is the difference between building code and DOE recommended R-value?

Building code is the minimum allowable amount in order to pass inspection and obtain a certificate of occupancy. Contractors could add more knowing the benefits of added insulation but opt to stick to the minimum allowed by local code. If they were allowed to put in less they probably would. DOE recommendations are cost-effective levels of insulation based on the best available information on local fuel and material costs and weather conditions. Consequently, the levels may differ from current or local building codes. DOE recommendations tell you the level of insulation you should have to be most energy efficient.

Do you sub out your technician work?

No. We use our own technicians and trucks. Our in house technicians are professionally trained giving you the type of quality work and customer service you would expect from a top notch company.